Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A "Happy" For You!

To finish out the "Haute Summer Nights" trilogy, Laurie and I chose bright and happy sunflowers. Just looking at them brings joy! We thoroughly enjoy working with Biltmore Fashion Park, and we love Emily. Their July events have concluded, but many more to come. Stay tuned.

As we move into August, probably the longest, hottest month of the year in Phoenix, our September brides are making their last finishing touches for their nuptials. We love working with brides-to-be, and we are looking forward to their weddings ~ almost as much as they are.

One of our favorite clients called yesterday requesting a special design for his wife Erica's birthday. Here is what we created for her. We used beautiful Tara roses, rudbeckia, kangaroo paws and, believe it or not, tulips.
Happy Birthday, Erica!
Biltmore Fashion Park "Haute Summer Nights" July 23rd

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Bliss

WOW, what a weekend. We worked hard, and it was so worth it. Below are pictures we took of both weddings.
~ leslie & john's wedding ~

~ amy & steve's wedding ~

~ other designs in july ~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In The Heat of July!

For those of you reading this who do not reside in the Valley of the Sun, it is blistering hot down here. The sweltering heat, however, has not deterred the Biltmore Fashion Park from hosting "Haute Summer Nights" for three consecutive Thursdays this month, beginning July 9th. It is a happy hour focused on shopping, fashion, beauty, food and fun! What could be better than that? Our two brides this weekend would tell you their weddings! Yes, weddings in Phoenix in July. Check back next week. It has been a super busy month at Le Fleur, and we are loving it!